The Course in Creativity is a spirited self-love journey with a Cassette twist


  • Encouragement and Inspiration
  • Laughter, confidence and self-trust
  • Joy in your body
  • Knowledge to support your wellbeing
  • Space for you to unfold in wonder, imagination and beauty
  • Freedom from anxiety and depression
  • Clearer boundaries and priorities
  • Sensory nourishment and clearer head-space
  • Connection in a supportive, intelligent and sparkly group of awesome ladies
  • The genuine care of a skilled and sensitive teacher. With special guests!


  • Life-affirming 8 week course
  • Unlock 1 archway of self-care each week
  • Led with FUN, imagination and expertise by Marissa
  • Cassette Dance Videos: Learn The Cassettes’ Dirty Dancing routine
  • PLUS hilarious and fun Cassette warm-ups
  • Joyful Creative journaling
  • Good morning stretches
  • Nurturing Tuck-in Time
  • Powerful Life-Organising Activities
  • Yes, Life Organising activities: Yay!!


  • For beautiful humans who:
  • Need to carve out space for themselves
  • Know they are worthy of self-care
  • Love learning: when it is fun, manageable and high quality
  • Would benefit from sparkly and facilitated Me Time
  • Are respectful, warm and playful at heart
  • Are sensitive, creative, intuitive or introverted
  • Want to have memorable self-care practices in daily life
  • Rather like 80s music and dance
  • Are quite partial to Dirty Dancing in particular

How Can I Join?

Coming Soon. Limited Places:

Your enrolment is helping create an Australia, where women and children live free from all forms of violence. Part of your payment is donated to Our Watch. Headed by Natasha Stott Despoja, Our Watch are driving nationwide change in the culture, behaviours and power imbalances that lead to violence against women and their children. We think that rocks.

About The Cassettes

Created 2013 by Marissa, The Cassettes is Byron Bay’s largest and raddest adult dance school.

Performing at Australia’s biggest music and arts festivals, the Flashmob Dance Company also enjoy surprising locals from the Byron Bay lighthouse, to Farmers Markets!

The Cassettes also provide Mix Tape Dance Classes: a thriving hub of sparkly and diverse dancers in Bangalow, Burleigh and Byron.

The Cassettes is renowned for its rich imagination, sequins, humour, quirky choreography, colour, fun and for freeing the superhero in us all.

About Marissa, BA Dip Ed:

Hi I'm Marissa! My purpose is To Explore Creativity and To Encourage: usually at the same time.

I've appeared on Sunrise and ABC TV, on main stage Woodford Folk Festival and as Workshop Leader at arts, music and healing festivals around Australia.

I've taught hundreds of amazing adult students; but nobody just like you.

I'm thrilled to offer you the 7 Archways of Self Care, and sparkly Cassette Dancing. We're going to have immense fun, and learn a lot too: The kind of learning that continues to be useful in 20 years time.

Using my playful and effective activities, I and your amazing Course in Creativity group will support you to shine your light:

To feel inspired, informed and reach a new level of self-trust, which you will of course radiate out into the world.

To paraphrase writer Audre Lorde, self-care is not self-indulgent: it is a political act. When we are well, we influence well.


You are so inspiring. Your classes give me a creative outlet in an otherwise crazily busy world.

Dionne Payne, Parent, Property Developer and Avatar Leader

Your classes and choreography are fun, challenging and inspiring.

Jo Smail, Dancer and Graphic designer

Thank you for the amazing sunshine and fun you bring to our lives.

Celia Geddes, Parent and General Manager, Stray Australia

It’s such a delight to see the evolution of The Cassettes, and even better to be a part of it! Being in your classes has allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence, to actively nurture it back to fruition. I’m so grateful for you providing such a fun outlet. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin. You are a courage muse for me! I give thanks to the universe for the wonderful zany bubble of light that is you.

Samala Heart, Parent, Waste Educator and Scientist

I am so deeply grateful for the gift you give us.
The gift of expression.
The gift of going deep within.
The gift of laughter.
The gift of connection.
The gift of self-exploration.
The gift of growth.
The gift of courage.
The gift of skill and effort.
The gift that you truly care.
Thank you so much Marissa.
I feel truly grateful that I can gift myself all of this through the vehicle of The Cassettes and now The Course in Creativity.

Juz Grantham, Parent, Child Care Professional and Dancer

Marissa you are an outstanding teacher: Your creative brilliance, ability to lead with both inspiration and hilarity, and your wonderful choreography. You have a subtle way of communicating, where you seem to be aware of everyone down to a fine nuance. I love your authenticity, your originality and quirky gorgeousness. I so appreciate that, thereby giving others permission to do the same. Shine on, thank you for being such an inspiring teacher.

Lyanne Compton, Parent and Salsa Teacher

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Your positivity and fun energy is infectious and the best part of the week.

Kirsten Butler, Stylist and director, May the EK

Your energy and sparkles inspire and motivate me.

Anna Daniels, Parent and Grandparent

This experience has been life-changing for me. Waking up my stiff, frumpy body has been a revelation. I’m now more active in every stage of my life. Thank you so much.

Katrina Matheison, Parent, Photographer and dancer